County votes against development on Union Church Road

Moore County Board of Commissioners denied a special use permit for the proposed Union Church Road development in Carthage at a quasi-judicial hearing on Aug. 23.

In less than 13 minutes, the Board closed the meeting, and Chairman Frank Quis made the motion to deny the development.

The Board met five times in three months over the proposed development.

Tri-South Builders, Inc requested approval for a subdivision with 53 lots on 73.77 acres, which was owned by James and Carolyn Ring, and is now owned by their heirs, Dennis Ring and John Ring.

Quis said the first reason was the proposal did not meet the county’s land use plans. He said the plans posed public health and safety risks with only one entrance and exit and high density. Quis said the county and city’s water was to improve the quality of life, not to support growth.

He also said the preliminary plat did not meet the county’s standards. Quis said it was not compatible with neighboring property, that natural spaces are of paramount importance, and major subdivisions in agricultural areas were strongly discouraged.

Commissioner Otis Ritter said people moved there for peace and quiet.

Commissioner Catherine Graham said the neighboring land was family land that would be handed down for generations, and they should respect that.

The attorneys for Tri-South Builders, LLC may appeal the decision in superior court.

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~Article and feature photo by Sandhills Sentinel Journalist Stephanie M. Sellers. Contact her at [email protected].

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