Dees Bees is the buzz of the town

Beekeeper Donald Dees knows a thing or two about honey. Donald started Dees Bees Apiary and Sandhills Honey Company, based in Aberdeen, several years ago. Donald, as a local business owner and former member of our Military, wanted to give back to the community while paying homage to our servicemen and women.

Donald decided to use some of his honey money and recently donated $500 to the Seaboard Festival 5K race. The proceeds of the race, held in Hamlet each year, are used to fund scholarships. Donald, a Richmond County native, has run the race in past years. He made a smaller donation last year, but this year he wanted to do more.

So earlier this year, he created a Pineland Honey label for a batch of his honey. Donald used the name to pay tribute to fallen Special Forces soldiers. Pineland is the name of the fictitious town used in the Robin Sage exercises that train our Special Forces soldiers.


He sells the Pineland Honey at Armado’s Grill, just outside Aberdeen. It is a popular place for local Special Forces to eat as it is just off post from Camp McCall, where Special Forces train.

Beekeeping is something that runs in Donald’s blood. His brother is a beekeeper, and it is a trade they learned from their uncle, Bill Sheppard. Bill was a sixth-generation beekeeper and known throughout the state for his beekeeping knowledge. Bill’s son, Winky, is also a beekeeper.

Donald has hives throughout the lower end of Moore County. He produces raw honey and beeswax. You can find his honey at NutriShop, PineScones, Southern Pines Feed & Supply, Burney Hardware-both locations, the Corner Store, Midway Trading Co., Davenports Galaxy, and the Berry Patch in Richmond Co. He offers free delivery for direct sales within 15 miles.

For more information on Dees Bees, please call 910-580-1977 or click here.

Sandhills_Sentinel~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Publisher B.J. Goodridge.

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