Sandhills Community College Foundation

Friends of Pinehurst Surgical Clinic (FOPSC) announced a $6,000 contribution to the Sandhills Community College Foundation and a $5,500 contribution to the local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club of the Sandhills. Founded in late 2019, these donations are the first given by FOPSC, the non-profit organization of Pinehurst Surgical Clinic. 

The Sandhills Community College donation will be used to fund four scholarships including the Pinehurst Surgical Clinic Nursing, Medical Laboratory, or Radiologic Technology Scholarship. The purpose of these scholarships is to provide financial support to students at SCC who demonstrate academic promise and financial need. 

To qualify, students must be enrolled in the Nursing or Health Sciences Curriculum. Students who receive these awards are selected by Sandhills Community College based on the following criteria: academic performance, which demonstrated good potential for success; demonstrated care and concern for patients during clinical training; and financial need.

Charles Gregg, Chairman of Friends of Pinehurst Surgical Clinic, said, “Investing in education is vital not only to ensure the highest standards of care for our patients but also for the continued growth of our community. FOPSC is proud to provide scholarships for those nursing students who show promise and dedication in the healthcare field. We look forward to meeting the recipients and congratulating them on their accomplishments.”

The contributions to the Boys and Girls Club of the Sandhills will be used to help further their mission offering young people a range of fun and productive activities from games and athletics to drug prevention workshops. They have two clubs, one in Southern Pines and one in Aberdeen, and this donation will be used to fund both. 

About Friends of Pinehurst Surgical Clinic:

Founded in late 2019, Friends of Pinehurst Surgical Clinic works collaboratively with Pinehurst Surgical Clinic to identify and offer support for indigent and charity care patients, partner with Sandhills Community College to aid in student scholarship needs and work alongside local municipality groups to meet community needs in the event of a disaster. They are proud to serve the community with a primary focus on healthcare, education, and disaster relief.


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