Granny's Donuts gears up for reopening

Granny’s Donuts is gearing up for reopening when renovations are completed. 

“We hope to open at the end of the month or the beginning of next month,” said owners Vina and Bee Phrom. “We’re waiting on equipment to come in. Along with new equipment, the dinning area is getting a fresh coat of paint along with other cosmetic renovations.”

Vina and his wife, Bee, reside in Aberdeen and are the second generational owners of Granny’s Donuts. Vina’s mother used to own the shop, and he has worked at Granny’s Donuts most of his life.

Vina started baking in the afternoons after high school. Vina and Bee took it over from his mother and ran the donut shop until about 2019 when Vina experienced health issues and sold it to his brother-in-law. 

The brother-in-law closed the restaurant due to personal reasons earlier this year without warning. “I thought, oh no, my customers,” said Bee. “We had to take it back over.”

Vina and Bee will be looking for bakers in the near future. “We’re the only two bakers, and with my health issues, it’s going to be tough,” said Vina. 

Once open, Granny’s Donuts will back to their old hours. They will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. unless sold out.

When asked about creating more product to stay open longer, they gladly explained the process. Donuts are prepared during the night in order to stay fresh for opening. Once they’re sold out, there wouldn’t be time to make a fresh batch in the day. They will accept pre-orders for large orders though.

“If we close, you will see a sign on the door letting you know why and when we will reopen,” said Vina. “We may use the Facebook page as well.”

The outpouring of support on social media has been overwhelming for Bee. “Thank you. I love my customers. They have become like a family. We appreciate them,” said Bee.

Vina and Bee look forward to serving fresh donuts to Moore County soon. For an exact date of the reopen, you can check for a sign on the shop’s door, their Facebook page or an announcement from Sandhills Sentinel. 

Granny’s Donuts is located at 201 Johnson Street in Aberdeen.

Sandhills_Sentinel~Article and photo by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Curtis Self.

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