Group distributes hygiene kits to schools

Sandhills Student Assistance, Inc. (SSA) has packaged and started to deliver 100 hygiene kits to Moore County School’s social workers for children that may not be able to acquire the needed
toiletries outside of school.

SSA recruited the help of local high school freshman Reagan Massey to complete the assembly of 100 hygiene kits. Each kit included dental supplies as well as soap, shampoo and conditioner,
shaving cream, lotion, a razor and a comb.

Dr. Jennifer Massey, D.D.S. of Seven Lakes Dentistry generously donated toothbrushes, floss, mouth wash and toothpaste for the kits.

SSA executive director, Jimmy Schneider said, “We are grateful to Reagan and her mom, Dr. Massey, for their time and support. We appreciate all they have done to help us make these kits available to students in need.”

SSA was founded in 2016 to address the urgent problems of Moore County children who arrive at school hungry, without adequate clothing, or having an immediate need. With the help of Moore County school teachers and administrators, SSA works with local churches and organizations to fill these needs in a discrete and caring way, respectful of the sensitivity, self-awareness and vulnerability of students at risk.

For more information or to support the cause, please visit

Feature photo: Left to right are local high school student Reagan Massey and dentist Dr. Jennifer Massey, D.D.S.


Courtesy photo/Contributed.

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