Meeting opens with montage

The Moore County Board of Education watched a video about the start of school Monday, September 14. Entitled, “Getting It Done,” the photo montage was shown at the board’s regular business meeting.

The montage showcased the work that’s taken place at Moore County Schools to bring students back to campus safely during the COVID-19 crisis. After being introduced by Superintendent Dr. Robert Grimesey, Catherine Murphy, the district’s director of communications, presented the video.

Board members praised the short film for accurately depicting what going to school has become during the pandemic. It was also pointed out that one positive of the situation, illustrated in the presentation, is students are getting more one-to-one interaction with teachers.

Additionally, the board noted how the video showed the teamwork necessary to make a return to campus possible. It was mentioned that not all school districts in North Carolina would be able to compile such a montage.

After approval of the consent agenda, the board, by a vote of 7-0, approved Pathfinder Investment Management LLC’s offer to buy the former site of Aberdeen Elementary School. The firm will pay a total of $1.5 million for the property. It wasn’t announced what Pathfinder’s plans are for the property. They currently own the Town and Country shopping center on Highway 1 in Aberdeen. 

Earlier, the board approved the appointment of four voting delegates to take part in the North Carolina School Board Association’s Annual Conference, scheduled for November 5-7. The voting delegates are Helena Wallin-Miller, John Weaver, Stacey Caldwell and Dr. Betty Brown.

The North Carolina School Board Association was established in 1937 as an advocate for public school education.

The board meeting was held at Union Pines High School.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Dave Lukow.


Photo and video via Moore County Schools.

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