Moore County native continues search for kidney donor

A Moore County native is in need of a kidney transplant. Marie Baker is on the University of North Carolina transplant list and is seeking volunteers. She has signed an agreement to accept an elderly kidney hoping to attain one soon.

Baker was born in Pinehurst, raised in Lakeview, now lives in Raeford and has worked at the Moore County Clerk of Courts’ office for 13 years.

“Work has been so supportive and kind in sharing their love,” Baker said.

Her family helps with fundraisers for the hopeful kidney transplant. Baker’s financial coordinator last estimated a two-year medical cost after insurances at approximately $5,000 per month.

“I am very appreciative of Mom. She gave me half of whatever I raised to make sure I have enough for the meds,” Baker said.

Baker said she had no symptoms and was at a regular medical check-up when diagnosed with kidney disease. She was told to lose weight, get her blood pressure down, to exercise and see a nephrologist.

Her first husband was on dialysis for six years, Baker said about knowing what to expect.

Kidney disease runs in her family, so members have not qualified for a transplant.

“It’s not like I believe I’m special. I love everybody and want people to know that when I get a kidney, I will take care of it,” Baker said about becoming a vegetarian and plans to exercise when she retains her strength.

J.D. Baker is her husband and maintains the dialysis machine to keep it sterile and applies the dialysis to his wife at night.

“My wife has been a little shy, but she is a strong-willed woman,” J.D. Baker said. “God is able to do anything and can let people know we are in need of a kidney.”

“I do want a kidney,” Marie Baker said. “I want to see my grandchildren grow up and see my daughter walking down the aisle and tell them about what I went through. I need one quick as possible.”

Contact Marie Baker at [email protected] with “living donor for Marie” in the subject line or call the UNC-Chapel Hill coordinator at 984-974-7599 for information about donating.

The link for “A living Donor for Marie” on Facebook is: 

Baker’s blood type is O positive.

Feature photo: Marie Baker and her family pose for a picture as she continues her search for a kidney donor. Contributed photo.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Journalist Stephanie M. Sellers. Contact her at [email protected].

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