MPO awards scholarships

The Moore Philharmonic Orchestra continues its 15th season with the announcement of annual scholarships. Scholarships were available to MPO student members and middle school students of Moore County Schools. This year, six students have been awarded funds to help with tuition, lessons, and instrument upgrades.

The MPO Executive Board agreed to expand the middle school scholarship to include two students. The first award was given to Gavin Greim, a violinist from West Pine Middle School.  Gavin plans to use his award for private lessons.  The second award was given to Avery Smith, a trumpeter from Southern Middle School. Avery plans to use his award to upgrade his instrument.  The MPO acknowledged their music teachers, Ms. Braun and Ms. Edgerley, for encouraging them to apply for the scholarships.

The MPO Member Scholarships were awarded to four high school students: two sophomores and two seniors.  Lindsey Smith, a sophomore trumpeter from Pinecrest High School, plans to use her funds for music summer camp and private lessons.  Shion Strickland, a sophomore violinist from Pinecrest, is looking forward to purchasing his own instrument.  Gavin Paller, a senior violinist from Pinecrest, and Austin Aponte, a senior bass clarinetist from Pinecrest, will be using funds to help with college tuition. MPO also recognized music teachers Mr. Holt and Mr. Cottrell for their dedication to their students.

The Moore Philharmonic has been awarding scholarships since its inception in 2005 as a not-for-profit community and youth orchestra.  Scholarships are financed through fundraisers and donations from sponsors and private citizens of the Moore County community.  Over the course of 15 years, the Moore Philharmonic has awarded nearly $40,000 to help students improve their musical talents. 

Feature photo: Top to bottom, left to right: Lindsey Smith, Gavin Paller, Avery Smith, Gavin Greim, Shion Strickland, and Austin Aponte. Courtesy photo.




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