Moore County Sheriff’s Office today released their monthly report for March.

The Sheriff’s Office registered one new sex offender, updated the status of 24 offenders and is monitoring a total of 127 Moore County Registered Sex Offenders.

The Narcotics Division opened 24 investigations and arrested 16 suspects on a total of 96 drug and alcohol violations; one suspect was arrested for doctor shopping/prescription fraud. Narcotic Deputies seized: 782 grams of marijuana, 12 marijuana plants, 99 dosage units of prescription pills, three grams of cocaine, six grams of crack-cocaine, 73 grams of methamphetamine, one bindle of heroin, 50 dosage units of ecstasy/molly – (MDMA: methylenedioxymethamphetamine), six firearms and $5,488 in cash.

The estimated street value of all drugs seized was approximately $62,000. Additionally, Deputies conducted 87 ABC store security checks, inspected 10 ABC premise-outlets and visited 102 additional ABC premise-outlets.

Criminal Investigators arrested 28 suspects totaling 57 felony and six misdemeanor charges, opened 76 investigations and recovered $53,607.93 in stolen property. Arrests included: one for assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, six for breaking and entering/larceny, one for larceny by an employee, eight for drug violations, and eight for fraud and six on misdemeanor charges.

Deputies averaged eight minutes and 14 seconds while responding to over 3,400 service calls. They served 283 civil and 152 criminal papers which included 12 domestic violence orders, made 80 arrests, conducted 1,332 business checks and transported six mental patients. Deputies issued 102 traffic citations: 14 citations for driving with a revoked license, one for driving while impaired and 37 for speeding in excess of 15 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

Sheriff’s Response Team conducted a total of 24 traffic stops and two Checking Stations resulting in 43 citations, 11 arrests and one arrest for driving while impaired. Additional arrests included 11 misdemeanor drug charges and one for carrying a firearm by a convicted felon. SRT conducted 98 sex offender checks and executed three search warrants.

North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety program events included assisting the Foxfire Police Department with a checkpoint and a driving while impaired multi-agency checkpoint. SRT also assisted NC Department of Public Safety Probation/Parole with operation “Take Back” targeting 119 offenders and absconders.


In March, they issued 357 pistol purchase permits, 103 new conceal-to-carry permits and renewed 131; totaling 7,811 Moore County citizens with conceal-to-carry permits.

Animal Services admitted 127 dogs and 72 cats, returned 17 animals to their owners; facilitated the adoption of 87 dogs and 19 cats. They conducted one field and 89 shelter rabies vaccinations. Deputies investigated 15 animal bites and responded to 143 stray-animal calls.

Volunteers contributed 165 hours during the month of March.

Detention Center:

Inmates Confined:
Carry over from Previous Month 162
Booked During Period for Month 262
Total Non-Commits Processed 51
Inmate Releases for Month 282
Safe keepers/ Mental Health 1
Refused Pending Medical Clearance 0

total population end of month 162

average daily population for month 162

Inmate Workers:
Road Miles Worked 73.5
Bags of Litter Collected 1664
Hours Assisting Maintenance / Jail 150
Hours Assisting Animal Control 208


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