N.C. house candidates Q & A District 52

Sandhills Sentinel spoke with those pursuing State House of Representative seats in November.

All candidates were provided a list of questions that they responded to in written form. Questions for each candidate are identical, and the candidates’ submitted answers have not been altered in any way. The order of candidates reflects the order they will appear on the ballot.

Lowell Simon, Democrat

How long have you lived in Moore County?

I have been a resident of Moore County since 1995 (25 years). I still live in the house we built in 7-Lakes when I moved here with my wife and three kids from Raleigh, to take a job headquartered in Troy.

What is your educational background?

I graduated from John F. Kennedy Public High School in Plainview NY in 1974. I then attended The State University of NY; College at Brockport and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Philosophy, with a minor in History in 1978. In 2011 I received certification to teach middle school and high school mathematics. In 2013 I received certification to teach high school business and marketing.

Have you ever served in an elected office?

I have never served in elected public office. I have been elected to chair numerous Boards.

For challenger of an incumbent- What is one thing your opponent did while in office that you would have done differently?

I would never have supported the override vote on 9-11. After clearly misleading Democratic leadership about the plan to hold a vote, Republicans took advantage of the deception despite the repeated protests of their colleagues. This, along with all of the efforts leading up to it, is the antithesis to Democracy and how our government should work.

What unique qualities will you bring to the office?

I have one of the most unique backgrounds of any legislator. My Dad was a Jewish immigrant, fleeing Nazi persecution in 1938, just three months before Kristallnacht. He went on to fulfill the American Dream. I grew up with those values of hard work and creative enterprise. I spent 30 years of my life as a business executive, owner and entrepreneur. After selling my company in 2006, I became a math teacher at Union Pines High School. I devoted ten years to teaching math and entrepreneurship in a public school. After retiring from education I first ran for office in 2018. I have served on state-wide boards, industry boards, local boards and Fortune 500 boards. I was appointed to a state-wide Council by three different Speakers of the House (from both parties). I am the only President Emeritus of my congregation.

Why are you the best candidate for the office?

Experience. What people know about me is that I mean what I say. I can be trusted to listen with an open mind to people I agree with and just as closely to those I might not. I have traveled throughout North Carolina, America and the world. I have worked in minimum wage jobs, owned large companies and taught public school. I raised three great kids and was married to Amy for 37 years, until her passing last month. I helped create the only Jewish Congregation within a 50 mile radius.

My opponent has provided us the experience of a dozen years of almost no job creation, a mismanaged pandemic, exploding health care costs, defunded public schools and incredible economic disparity. His policies have widened the divide between the wealthy and the needy, hiding the true costs of those policies behind coal ash pits, hog farm lagoons, flooded communities, closed hospitals, increased insurance costs and tax dollars that freely flow out of our County, never to be seen again.

Jamie Boles, Republican

How long have you lived in Moore County?

Since 1970

What is your educational background?

I attended Moore County schools and earned my business degree from Sandhills Community College and a mortuary degree from Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science.

Have you ever served in an elected office?

I have served in this NC House seat since 2008.

For incumbents- What would you have done differently if you had the chance?

Nothing. I am running on a proven and conservative voting record.

What unique qualities will you bring to the office?

The unique qualities I bring to the office is the seniority and the relationships I have already established in the House Chambers and throughout the state.

Why are you the best candidate for the office?

I am a longtime residence of Moore County and have raised my family here. I opened a family owned business in 1984 and continue to serve the community. I am involved in the community from volunteering as a fire fighter to being actively in civic organizations. I have seniority and have built important relationships with other legislatives and state government officials. I attend Bethesda Presbyterian Church in Aberdeen.

Early voting is from Oct. 15- 31. The election is November 3.

You can find more information on the Moore County Board of Elections website.

Contributed photos: L,R; Jamie Boles and Lowell Simon.

Article by Sandhills Sentinel Journalism Intern Stephanie M. Sellers.

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