Governor Roy Cooper shared a list of state government support resources for military service members and their families as thousands of troops from Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune are deployed and redeployed in light of ongoing events in the Middle East.  

“Our brave service members work tirelessly to keep us safe, and they should be able to carry out their service without worrying about loved ones back home,” said Governor Cooper. “It is important that we provide resources to servicemen and women and their families to ensure that a sudden deployment does not put them at financial or other risk.”

Active members of the military and their families may access various state support resources, including those listed below:

Tax Assistance

The State of North Carolina offers tax assistance to soldiers and other service members who deploy overseas to combat zones. The assistance includes extension of deadlines to file and considerations for combat zone pay. 

For more information, click HERE.

License Renewals and Duplicates

 The Military Internet Unit at the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles offers license renewals and duplicates for service members and dependents by starting the process online and then completing the form via mail and level II-III driving permits for military dependents 18 and over by mail. 

DMV will waive lapse of insurance fees if provided a copy of their deployment paperwork. DMV will also add endorsements to drivers license by mail (motorcycle, etc.) for servicemembers and dependents.

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Family and Medical Leave Act Eligibility For Families

The federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitles eligible employees to take up to 12 workweeks of unpaid, job-protected leave in a 12-month period for a “qualifying exigency” arising out of the foreign deployment of the employee’s spouse, son, daughter, or parent. FMLA leave for this purpose is called qualifying exigency leave. 

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Rental and Leasing Resources

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and the North Carolina Sevicemembers Civil Relief Act provide protections for servicemembers and their families, including related to rental and leasing agreements. Servicemembers and their families may be eligible to terminate leases early or be protected from eviction when a deployment or change and duty occurs.

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Employee Assistance Program

The State of North Carolina Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a state-sponsored benefit program that offers confidential support and resources to address personal, medical-, or work-related challenges and concerns. EAP services are available to state employees as well as their dependents.

For more information, click HERE. To contact NC Employee Assistance Program, call 888-298-3907 or 704-717-5295.

 Job Training and Job Placement Assistance

NCWorks is a one-stop online resource for job seekers and employers in North Carolina. Job seekers can search for jobs, create resumes, and find education and training. Employers can find candidates, post jobs, and search labor market information. The 80 NCWorks Career Centers include both regular staff and Jobs for Veterans State Grant (JVSG) staff, and all of the NCWorks job training and job placement assistance is available to servicemembers and their families.

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NC4ME Hiring Resources

The North Carolina Department of Military and Veteran Affairs and The North Carolina Department of Commerce conduct regular North Carolina for Military Employment (NC4ME) hiring events for military members, veterans and spouses. Hiring events have led to almost 50% of participants receiving offers or second interviews (compared to 2% for normal job fairs). The next hiring event is January 30 in Sandhills, North Carolina.

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Identity Protection Resources

Serving in the military can make it harder to monitor credit and financial information, making servicemembers an easier target for ID theft. If you are being deployed, consider placing an active duty alert on your credit reports and get a security freeze on your credit.

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Behavioral Health Services

The Department of Health and Human Services through the Division of Mental Health provides funding to support the delivery of behavioral health services offered through the four NCServes coordinating networks across the state. These networks coordinate assistance to servicemembers, families, and veterans.

NC Pre-K

Children of active duty families, including Armed Forces and North Carolina National Guard, are eligible for NC Pre-K without being subject to income requirements applied to other families.

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Resources to Protect from Scams

Some scam artists create scams directly targeted at members of the military and their families. Being aware of these types of scam tactics can help you identify them and avoid becoming a victim of a scam.

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Additional Resources for Servicemembers and Families

 The NC Department of Public Safety and North Carolina Nation Guard provides a number of programs to Soldiers and Airmen, and many of these programs are extended beyond the National Guard to all Department of Defense uniformed personnel who seek assistance.

The Yellow Ribbon Program

The Yellow Ribbon Program educates service members and their families on benefits and programs, and the program helps coordinate and synchronize resources during a deployment cycle.

Family Programs Assistance Centers

Family Programs Assistance Centers are in16 locations across the State. These resources are regionally located to provide support services within the Soldiers’ and Airmen communities, and coordinate with community assistance and inter-agency assistance programs such as Red Cross, Veterans Affairs, and Employment Support to the Guard and Reserve.

ID Card Facilities

ID card facilities are located in Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro and Asheville, these facilities assist family members with ID Cards or benefit information.

Chaplain Services Strong Bonds Program

The Strong Bonds Program helps Soldiers and family members form closer, stronger, more resilient relationships.

Legal Assistance Team

The Legal Assistance Team provides free legal services for families such as tax pPreparation, wills, eEstate counseling, and separation.

Integrated Behavioral Health Team

The Integrated Behavioral Health Team provides 24-hour support for all Soldiers and their family members, with a focus on preventing suicide and boosting resiliency.

 Pay and Personnel Support Teams

These teams provide all deployed units and families with a representative at their home unit to assist families of deployed Soldiers as well as to address any pay, promotion or administrative concerns.

For more information, contact LTC Bob May, Director of Soldier Support Services at 984-664-6170.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy—Members of the National Guard and Veterans

The State Of North Carolina provides equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment and prohibits discrimination, harassment or retaliation against (among others) members of the National Guard or on the basis of veteran status.

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Military Leave and Anti-Discrimination Policy

The state’s Equal Employment Opportunity law protects members of the Armed Forces and National Guard from discrimination. Leave is granted to employees of the State for periods of service in the uniformed services.

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Reinstatement from Military Leave

An employee who resigned from State employment or who was granted leave without pay to serve in the armed services will be reinstated to the same position or one of like status, seniority, and pay.

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Veteran’s Preference

State law requires that employment preference be given for having served in the Armed Forces of the United States on active duty during periods of war or any other campaign, expedition, or engagement for which a campaign badge or medal is authorized by the United States Department of Defense.

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The North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

The North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs provides support and services to military members, veterans, and their families and focuses on protecting North Carolina’s military installations. To contact the DMVA, visit:


Photo courtesy of U.S. Army/Contributed.

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