Owners of unleashed dogs to get citations after attack in SP

The Town of Southern Pines approved a mural project at its Jan. 24 work session, and the town will not be responsible for expenses. Each mural is estimated to cost $2,500.

The mural project is open to areas on buildings outside of the historic district.

Southern Pines Arts Council Executive Director Chris Dunn said a mural committee comprised of arts council members and community and business leaders will oversee the project and approve mural designs.

During the discussion on municipal elections, the town decided to craft a resolution of intent to change the election method.

The current method is the nonpartisan primary and election method.

The resolution will be discussed at the March agenda meeting, and there will be a public hearing in April.

Image from the Southern Pines Jan. 24, 2022, agenda packet.

Councilmember Taylor Clement said the current option, nonpartisan primary and election method, made everyone come out twice.

“Number one (on the above graph-nonpartisan plurality) makes the most sense,” Clement said. “More people vote on Election Day.”

Councilmember Ann Petersen said with option three, nonpartisan election and runoff, there is a concern with a group gaining the election.

Councilmember Paul Murphy said he had to look at the options to make sure they do not overlook those who lack convenience of coming out on Election Day.



Election method definitions are from the NC State Board of Elections.

The town approved a special use permit for 20 residential town houses on 1.23 acres on Bennett Street.

Colin Webster with Bantembo, LLC submitted the request for the special use permit for Townhouses on Bennett, LLC and Grosvenor Land, LLC.

The town voted to demolish an abandoned and condemned structure at 830 Clark St. The property owner will be billed for the demolition expense of $7,200.

The owner, Judy Jordon, has received previous notices from the town at her residence in Chesapeake, Virginia.

The town directed the clerk to investigate the proposed annexation of 3900 Youngs Road, owned by Michael and Jamie Tveter. It is currently outside city limits.

The town adopted a written decision for Pinehurst Surgical Center site, Morganton Park North. The 60,000-68,000 square foot medical office will be developed as phase eight of the project on 5.19 acres. The property is along S. Carlisle Street on the western side of Patriot Boulevard, and Pavilion Way fronts its southern boundary.

The written decision includes the approval of Morganton Park North with annexation to allow for 20 more than the allowed 272 parking spaces.

~ Written by Sandhills Sentinel Journalist Stephanie M. Sellers. Contact her at [email protected].

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