It was only by chance that SCC alumnus and current instructor, Adam Ferguson, got started in fire service. 16 years ago, his neighbor asked if Adam would like to join him at the local volunteer fire department and he’s been learning as well as teaching ever since.

Adam grew up in Cameron, attended Union Pines High School, Sandhills and then UNC-Wilmington. After college, he moved back home to Cameron.

“It seemed like a no-brainer to come back and teach at SCC,” said Adam, “considering the first Fire and Rescue classes I ever took were through Sandhills. Having a team of co-workers who are highly knowledgeable in their specialties also makes SCC a top-notch place to work.”

Currently, Adam teaches the Hazardous Materials class and a Technical Rescue class offered through the Fire Academy. Both provide the information required for emergency personnel to categorize types of situations and respond appropriately or request the needed resources.

Although they are challenging courses to teach, he enjoys coming up with exciting ways to make the information readily retainable.

“I believe that through small-scale science and fun demonstrations I can put the information out to the students in ways that they understand and remember,” he said. One of the most enjoyable teaching aspects is allowing his students practice the skills presented in lessons.

Spending time with his family, hunting, and fishing are ways Adam relaxes when he has a bit of free time. In the future, Adam hopes to obtain a Master’s degree to help him in his fire-fighting career and be an even better instructor.

“I enjoy teaching and being at Sandhills is an opportunity to give back the emergency services in my community,” Adam adds.



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