A 4-year-old Pre-K student brought a loaded gun to Mount Gilead Elementary School in Montgomery County and was showing it to classmates Thursday.

An alert teacher went over to see what the children were looking at inside the student’s book bag and saw it was a 9 millimeter Smith & Wesson semi-automatic handgun, containing a fully loaded magazine, said the Mount Gilead Police Department in a news release.

The teacher immediately took possession of the book bag and took it the principal’s office. Law enforcement was called and upon arrival, Mount Gilead Police safely unloaded and seized the gun. 

“The result of our investigation into this matter regarding the possession of a weapon on educational property will be given to the Juvenile Court Counselor for their review and possible action,” said the Mount Gilead Police Department. “The weapon will be turned over to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for their investigation.”

Photo via Mount Gilead Elementary School.

For updated information on the school’s action on the student, please click on below story.

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