The Town of Robbins was recently awarded a helmet grant.

The grant from the North Carolina Department of Transportation will provide the town with 70 children’s bicycle helmets to promote bicycle safety.  Helmets protect the brain from serious injuries but are severely underused.

This spring, the Town of Robbins will collaborate with the Robbins Police Department, Robbins Area Library, Foothills Outdoors, and Northern Moore Family Resource Center to hold a bicycle safety event at the library.

Town Manager, David Lambert, said,” We are grateful to the North Carolina DOT for making bicycle safety a priority, and we are excited to see children safely explore the outdoors at our Bear Creek Trails.”

Intern Project Coordinator, Josue Dominguez, who is a senior at North Moore High School, stated, ” This is a great opportunity for children in our community to learn important safety practices.” 

Dominguez is responsible for policy writing, summary, and coordinating safety projects.



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