Phase four of the East Moore Water District will soon be designed and new customer sign-ups will be underway. 

Sitting as the East Moore Water District Board of Directors on August 1, 2018, the Moore County Board of Commissioners accepted the Letter of Conditions for funding of the project by USDA – Rural Development. 

The total project cost is estimated at $2,540,750. USDA offered a low interest, forty year loan in the amount of $1,395,000, and a grant in the amount of $1,118,000. 

Phase four will serve the Eastwood area, including Murdocksville Road and Pine Lake Road and connecting roads. 

There were 111 citizens of the area who petitioned Moore County Public Works for water service, and their tap fees, totaling $27,750, will be required to be paid up front.  The early sign-up period will require a tap fee of $250.

Several members of the community were on hand for the presentation and USDA – Rural Development representative Julia Johnson said, “It thrills me to be able to come and see you all today, to see the members of the community and to see the people that the funds are actually going to help.”  Ms. Johnson received several calls from community members in support of the project, which she shared she had never previously experienced.

Chair Catherine Graham expressed the Board’s pleasure in seeing the project come to fruition.  For more information on early sign-ups, contact Moore County Public Works at 910-947-6315.

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