Carthage conducting gateway sign survey

The Town of Carthage is conducting a gateway sign survey.

“The Town of Carthage is considering four different designs to replace our “Welcome to Carthage” signs (also known as gateway signs),” announced the town on its Facebook page. “We know that these signs are an important reflection of our character and heritage and we want to know what our community thinks!”

The gateway signs are located at:

1) Near 3661 Hwy. 15-501 (Moore County Agricultural Fairgrounds) coming from Sanford.

2) Near 8361 Hwy. 24-27 on the way to Robbins.

3) The corner of Hwy. 22 and Hwy. 15-501 at 1490 S. McNeill Street.

To participate in the quick survey, please click on the link:

The survey ends on May 3.

Please visit the town hall for those who want to complete paper surveys.

Feature photo: Design D is one of the four options on the survey—photo from the Town of Carthage.

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