Carthage votes to transfer fire station to High Falls

The Carthage Town Board voted to transfer the Glendon substation 38 of Carthage Fire and Rescue to the High Falls Fire Department.

Carthage Fire Chief Brian Tyner presented the proposal to the board at Monday night’s regularly scheduled meeting. The main concern is “no one lives in the area, and they have guys that are close,” said Tyner referring to his firefighters. The Carthage Fire Department is 10 miles from the substation located at 2024 Glendon Carthage Road.

According to Tyner, High Falls and Carthage have been servicing the area together. “There’s been good teamwork between the two departments,” Tyner said.

Concerns brought up by the board were the length of time for members to get to the substation, get on a truck and response time could be 20 minutes or more.

The substation currently houses an engine and a brush truck. The trucks would come back to Carthage and be put into service. To balance wear and tear on a first-out engine, Carthage rotates their engines monthly, making first-out engines rotate every three months, Tyner explained. High Falls Fire Department would not receive equipment and only take over the building.

Before the Glendon substation was built in 2014, the area was the High Falls fire district. Tyner explained, “They would be taking back their old district. We would still cover up to House in the Horseshoe and to Lee County. They would cover Glendon, Carbonton, and up to Chatham County.” 

“For our guys, it’s a win-win. We have no one to cover it,” said Tyner.

Both departments have an ISO rating of 5, so homeowners insurance would not change with this move.

The board approved the request, and Carthage Fire and Rescue will continue to service the district through June 30. High Falls Fire Department would take over the building on July 1, but it’s unclear if they have agreed to it. 

Feature photo: Carthage Fire Chief Brian Tyner presents a proposal to the board on Feb. 20 which was approved to transfer the Glendon substation to High Falls Fire Department. 

Sandhills_Sentinel~Article and photo by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Curtis Self. Contact him at [email protected].

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