Chamber adopts public policy agenda

The Moore County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors formally adopted the 2023-2024 public policy agenda. This agenda compliments the Chamber’s Strategic Plan supporting legislative action that promotes the voice of business by fostering a growing economy for our county, region, and state.

The agenda highlights four key areas of legislative initiatives: Economic Development, Education and Talent Supply, Transportation and Infrastructure and Healthcare. These initiatives are in addition to the many coalitions and partnerships in other key areas that are instrumental in creating a dynamic business community.

Listed below are highlights of these four initiatives.

Economic Development

The Moore County Chamber recognizes that strategic economic development efforts are the backbone of our continued prosperity. Therefore, we remain active in pursuing policies that encourage a favorable business climate to attract and provide opportunities for all. This includes supporting recruitment and retention efforts.

Education and Talent Supply

The Chamber recognizes that a strong, cradle-to-career education system is the foundation for supporting the workforce and creating a talent pool. The Chamber understands the continued competitiveness depends on our ability to maintain and expand a diverse and highly skilled workforce. Our workforce must combine technical, soft skills and flexibility to support job growth. We will continue to collaborate with our community partners to support programs and policies that support students from infant to career, ensuring they have the necessary skills for success.

Transportation and Infrastructure

As the population in our county continues to increase, investment in transportation and infrastructure is a necessity to both ensure our ability to compete in a global economy and maintain a high quality of life. A well-funded and long-term infrastructure solution is vital for this economic growth.


Ensuring our business community has access to high-quality specialty care that is affordable is key. Supporting our healthcare sector’s interests and initiatives will ensure that Moore County is an attractive location for our current business community and for those businesses looking to relocate.

“For many years, the Chamber has been actively involved in Public Policy. I am pleased to be able to share our recently adopted Public Policy Agenda with the community,” said Linda Parsons, President, and CEO of the Moore County Chamber. “This agenda provides the organization the roadmap to continue to work with local, State and Federal leaders to ensure we continue our mission of a creating and supporting vibrant business economy.”

For a complete copy of the 2023-2024 public policy agenda contact Linda Parsons, President and CEO at [email protected]. In the near future, an advocacy section will be added to the Chamber’s website where a copy of this agenda will also be available.


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