On July 1, FirstHealth of the Carolinas will go live with the new Epic electronic medical record (EMR).   From Pinehurst to Troy to Rockingham to Hamlet to Raeford and numerous locations between and beyond, the multicounty health care system will be bound by patient-centric software at the heart of a project generally acknowledged as the largest in FirstHealth’s history.

With the new online FirstHealth MyChart patient portal, FirstHealth patients will be able to communicate safely and securely with their health care providers, pay their balances online, review their health history and schedule appointments. 

With FirstHealth MyChart, patients will be able to:

Access test results

No more waiting for a phone call or letter.  Results and doctor’s comment will be available within days.

Manage  appointments

Schedule the next appointment or view details of past and upcoming appointments.

Communicate with  doctors

Send photos and messages with non-urgent questions to providers to determine if an office visit is needed.

Refill  medications

Send a refill request for refillable medications.

Pay bills online

View health insurance details, such as coverage and co-pays, and account information, such as individual statements.  Pay bills online.

To access FirstHealth MyChart, visit www.firsthealthmychart.org.



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