county transparency COVID-19

The Moore County Health Department is bringing more transparency to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have updated its COVID-19 dashboard giving more data residents have been asking for.

The dashboard shows the number of confirmed cases, deaths, gender, and age group. It also has an interactive map as well as graphs.

Moore County currently has 74 cases, with two deaths.

From this new data, we can see that one confirmed case was between the ages of 0 and 17. Three cases have been between ages 18-24. Six cases have been between 25-49.

Between the ages 50-64, there have been 20 cases, and 44 patients who are 65 or older tested positive.

We can also see that more women (51) than men (23) have tested positive. A man and woman who were 65 or older have passed away from complications from the virus.

The bottom right-hand corner shows when the data was last updated. 

To access the updated dashboard, please click here.

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