County accepting applications for Urgent Repair Program

Low-income homeowners in Moore County are encouraged to apply for assistance under the 2020 Essential Single-Family Rehabilitation Loan Pool Program (ESFRLP20) to the Planning & Transportation Department starting Monday, November 2nd thru Monday, November 30th by 4:30 pm.

This program provides assistance with the rehabilitation of moderately deteriorated homes that are owned and occupied by lower-income, special needs households.  ESFRLP20 assists eligible households by facilitating aging in place, meeting minimum housing code requirements when applicable, promoting long-term affordability, lowering operating costs, and stabilizing pre-1978 built homes that include children aged 6 or under whose health is threatened by the presence of lead hazards.

Priority for assistance will be given based on income and special needs including those who are handicapped or disabled, elderly (> 62), large households (five or more), single-parent households, households with a child below the age of 6 if there are lead hazards in the home or a military veteran.  Homeowner’s household income must not exceed 80% of the area median income for the household size (ESFRLP20 Income Limits listed below). 

 2020 Income Limits for Moore County’s

Essential Single-Family Rehabilitation Loan Pool 20

Number in Household 30% of Median


50% of Median (“Very Low Income”) 80% of Median (“Low Income”)
1 $16,550 $27,550 $44,050
2 $18,900 $31,450 $50,350
3 $21,250 $35,400 $56,650
4 $23,600 $39,300 $62,900
5 $25,500 $42,450 $67,950
6 $27,400 $45,600 $73,000
7 $29,300 $48,750 $78,000
8 $31,200 $51,900 $83,050

Eligible applicants must own their home and live in it as their primary residence in order to qualify for assistance under any housing rehab program administered by Moore County.  Those previously served with any State of Federal funds within the past 10 years will require prior consent through North Carolina Housing Finance Agency.

The Essential Single-Family Rehabilitation Loan Pool Program is a $190,000 award to Moore County by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency.  It is anticipated that at least five (5) homeowners will be served under this program.  After demonstrating successful use of the initial set-aside, the County may access additional funds, when available, on a unit-by-unit basis from the ESFRLP20 loan pool.

For more information or to receive an application please contact the Moore County Planning & Transportation Department at (910) 947-5010.

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