The Hoke County Sheriff’s Office; Sheriff Hubert A. Peterkin, announces that on Monday May 15, 2017 at 7pm the Hoke County Board of Commissioners held a special session in their regularly scheduled meeting to give a preliminary report of findings within the internal investigation conducted by Jonathan Charleston and the Cherry-Bekaert Group. Throughout the meetings commissioners stated they were unaware of the deputies working substantial amounts of overtime and the amount of money they were paid. Not true.

According to the Hoke County Financial System (Munis) The Hoke County Commissioners authorized and spent over $2,330,000.00 in overtime just in a 3 and ½ year time period. Sheriff Peterkin states he has been asking for help for the entire 15 years as the County Elected Sheriff and for 15 years the Board of Commissioners have chosen to spend tax payers money instead of hiring the essential personnel needed.

BREAKDOWN: Within the 3 and ½ year period, Commissioners authorized and paid $958,543.21 in overtime to the Sheriff’s Deputies, and $1,373,555.80 to the Jailers. This amount of money equates to a total of 29 new Deputies (8 per year) with the current salary and a total of 47 new jailers (13 jailers per year) with the current salary. This does not include benefits, but you get the point.
NOTE: All Hoke County employee original timesheets are given to the County Human Resource Department every pay period and HR controls the amount of pay that goes in the system for each employee.

BUDGET MEETINGS: Every budget meeting is recorded and is a public record. It is recorded in the minutes every request, denial, and authorization by the Hoke County Board of Commissioners.

PUBLIC SAFETY STATUS: Sheriff Peterkin advises, at this point the safety for the citizens of Hoke County and the Hoke County Deputies and Jailers is in jeopardy if the poor management by the Commissioners continues. Sheriff Peterkin states that he and the Board must work closely together to ensure this 15-year problem does not continue or the Hoke County community is in trouble. The Elected Sheriff is not managed by the County Commissioners or the County Manager, but he strongly depends of their funding, advice, and support in his decision making to ensure an adequate public safety.

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