The U.S.House passed H.Res. 129, a POW/MIA bill, introduced by Rep. Sam Johnson (TX-03).

Johnson, a Vietnam POW and war hero, calling on the Department of Defense, other elements of the Federal Government, and foreign governments to intensify efforts to investigate, recover, and identify all missing and unaccounted-for personnel of the United States.

U.S. Rep. Richard Huson (NC-08), Fort Bragg’s Congressman released the following statement:

“I’m glad to see this bill pass today to strengthen efforts to bring home every American POW and missing soldier,” said Rep. Hudson.“We must continue to fight to uphold our sacred vow: leave no man behind. These patriots and their families deserve nothing less. I especially want to thank Congressman Sam Johnson for his tireless work to care for our troops and his service – both in uniform and in Congress. He is a true American hero.”

More than 83,000 personnel of the United States are still unaccounted-for around the world from past wars and conflicts, and thousands of families and friends are waiting for the accounting of their loved ones and comrades in arms.

According to Rep. Johnson, “While I was blessed to return home from the Hanoi Hilton POW camp to Freedom, many of my fellow compatriots did not. In keeping with America’s promise to leave no man behind, I have vowed I will never stop fighting for the Defenders of our Freedom. That is why, during the 44th Anniversary of ‘Operation Homecoming,’ I introduced H.Res. 129. This resolution calls on the United States government to intensify efforts to account for the 83,000 American service members who are still unaccounted for around the world. My resolution also calls on foreign governments to fully assist in search and recovery efforts.”

This bill calls on the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, other appropriate Federal entities and foreign governments to resolutely continue to account for missing U.S. personnel from past wars and conflicts; and calls on foreign governments to cooperate fully with the USG to provide the fullest possible accounting for those American lives, after factual recitations.



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