A local rescue cat’s name is definitely making a double impact. The Carthage cat’s name packs such a big punch, it won top honors in Nationwide Mutual Insurance’s 2019 Wacky Pet Name competition.

Jean Clawed Van Damme purred past Boba Fetticini in the cat category to receive a basket of goodies, said a news release from the company.

Jean Clawed’s human owner, Dee Dee Milbrant, said meeting her cat was love at first sight. Milbrant received the ginger cat at Aberdeen PetSmart and thought the name was worth keeping.

Ironically though, Jean Clawed has smaller features than his action-star name would suggest, said the release.

“His name and his adorable scrawny face is what drew me to go meet him in the first place,” said Milbrant. On occasions, Milbrant calls him Jake, but when she calls him by his given name, people look at her funny.

“People generally look at me like I’m nuts when I say his name,” said Milbrant.

DJ Skribbles and Bits nosed out Stella Bean Dip in the dog division, said the release. Jean Clawed Van Damme and DJ Skribble and Bits beat out 750,000 other celebrity-inspired names that were put out in a public vote.

The top 10 Wackiest Pet Names of 2019: Cat Category: Jean Clawed Van Damme, Boba Fetticini, Henry Hissinger, Avocato, Wu Tang Cat, Schtinky Puddin, Hairy Pawter, Reece Whiskerspoon, Dave Meowthews, and Alclawchino.

Dog Category: DJ Skribbles and Bits, Stella Bean Dip, Big League Chewie, Ruff Bader Ginsburg, Bilbo Beggins, Nostadogmus, Albus Dumbledog, Grampaw, and Indiana Bones.


Courtesy photo of Jean Clawed Van Damme.

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