Moore County election results have come in.  It is considered an off-year election in that the only races are municipal races. There is a total of 56 candidates running in 11 separate races.

Several towns have incumbents running unopposed. Aberdeen Mayor Robbie Farrell and Robbins Mayor Lonnie English are running unopposed, as is David Seiberling, running to fill an unexpired Board of Commissioners seat in Cameron. Additionally, George Blackwell, Jr., Matthew Callahan, and Alphonso Mosley, Jr. are running to fill 3 commissioner’s seats in Vass.

Historically, voter turnout in off-year elections is much lower than elections involving statewide and federal races. In the 2018 elections almost 59.16 percent of the 68,538 eligible voters in Moore County Case Ballots. In the 2017, which was municipal elections the voter turnout was just 18.82 percent.

In the chart below, the winners are highlighted in red. Results are unofficial results as reported by the Moore County Board of Elections.

Aberdeen Board of Commissioners
(vote for three)

Teressa V. Beavers315
Bryan Bowles326
Peter Campbell97
Elease Goodwin380
Adriana Marquez Janker310


Cameron Board of Commissioners
(vote for three)

Ginger Bauerband29
Lisa Chapman35
Mark Hildreth24
Jim Leiby33


Carthage Board of Commissioners
(vote for two)

Al Barber176
Dan Bonillo187
R. Dustin Smith161


Carthage Mayoral Race
(vote for one)

Jimmy Chalflinch141
Kevin Lewis29
George H. Wilson, Jr135



Pinebluff Board of Commissioners
(vote for three)

Guy L. McGraw116
George (Skip) Ruedeman85
Jeffrey Schafer37
George Stone78
Mike Thomas105
Diane Witkowski62


Pinebluff Board of Commissioners
(vote for one) Unexpired term ending in 2021

Ronald L. McDonald71
Jerry O. Williams96


Pinehurst Town Council
(vote for two)

Lydia Boesch3008
Jane Hogeman2730
Stuart Mills2290
Kenneth Saylor286


Pinehurst Mayoral
(vote for one)

Claire Berggren1625
John Strickland2854


Robbins Board of Commissioners
(vote for two)

Cameron Dockery27
Brandon Phillips39
Kevin Stewart44


Southern Pines Town Council
(vote for two)

John F. McLaughlin826
Paul Murphy1397
William H. (Bill) Pate1535


Southern Pines Mayoral
(vote for one)

Carol R. Haney1485
Craig Morrison651


Taylortown Town Council
(vote for five)

Ulysses S. G. Barrett, Jr.97
Garry Brown127
Bridget Cotton167
Eddie Frank Lloyd81
Mitchell Ratliff143
Marvin Taylor154
James Lattimore Thompson137


Vass Mayoral
(vote for one)

Eddie Callahan87
James Moore14
Angela M. Erica Vacek55


Whispering Pines Town Council
(vote for two)

Glenn Bernhard653
Alexa Roberts667
Randy Saunders135
Joe Wincklhofer67


Whispering Pines Town Council
(vote for two) Unexpired term ending in 2021

Andy Conway368
Ian Duke8
Neil Godfrey210
Pamela Harris502
Dean Kalles226
Matthew J. Martin12
Denise Racey78
Tim Venjohn196


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