Project Linus recently donated blankets to Moore County Sherriff’s Office.

Each patrol car will now be equipped with a blanket, so deputies can distribute them to Moore County citizens who are in need.

Project Linus originated in 1995 and is a national organization with nearly 400 chapters in 50 states.  The first part of their two-part mission is to provide security, warmth, and love through handmade blankets to children who are traumatized or in a stressful situation.  The second part of their mission is to provide a volunteer organization to people who want to give back.

Joan Welsh giving Sheriff Godfrey a handmade blanket (courtesy photo from Sheriff’s Office)

Joan Welsh with the Sandhills/Moore County chapter of the organization dropped off the blankets to Sheriff Godfrey, and he thanked her with gratitude because law enforcement responds to difficult and challenging circumstances often and the gesture of providing someone in need with something soft and warm can make a difference in someone’s life.

The organization accepts donations of money, yarn, fabric, and blankets that are new, handmade, and washable.

For more information about Project Linus or to make a donation, please contact Patricia at 910-673-1457 or [email protected].

Together, we can help Moore people.






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