Robbins held a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday for their new downtown stage. The new stage will now host bands and performances for Robbins’ residents.

As part of a $75,000 grant, the Town of Robbins and Northern Moore Family Resource Center collaborated to improve the appearance of the downtown area and provide educational opportunities for area residents.  

Momentum for the project increased while Rep. Allen McNeill and Town Manager David Lambert were discussing economic development projects for northern Moore County.

Rep. McNeill was interested in learning about ways to invest in the Robbins community. Lambert submitted a funding request to Rep. McNeill for the downtown venue and streetscape improvement projects. Rep. McNeill, Rep. Boles, and Senator Tillman worked to ensure that Robbins would be allocated monies for these important community development projects.

Photos courtesy of Moore County Chamber of Commerce

“The Town of Robbins had a vision to provide quality public spaces where residents can come together to build community and enjoy high quality entertainment,” said Town Manager David Lambert in a past news release.  “Robbins hopes to create a community where people will want to live, work, and play. The North Carolina Tier System has made it difficult for towns like Robbins to receive funding for economic projects, but small steps like this can have a large impact.”

The space will also be used by Northern Moore Family Resource Center, a partner with the Town of Robbins on many community development projects.

Northern Moore Family Resource center operates a preschool to help improve educational opportunities for many throughout northern Moore County. The greenspace will provide enough outdoor space for them to receive accreditation for their program and allow them to restart their summer enrichment program for area youth.

“The Northern Moore Family Resource Center has worked alongside the Town of Robbins to drive important economic development initiatives,” said Clare Ruggles, Executive Director in a past news release. “We are thrilled that this funding will allow us to complete the entire space as it was envisioned, particularly since the outdoor space will give us room to accommodate a free summer enrichment program that will likely serve more than 300 children”

The ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted by the Moore County Chamber of Commerce.




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