Board briefed on Aberdeen Primary bidding

The numbers are going up.

An upset offer for the old Aberdeen Primary School will be published January 10. The offer – of $200,000 – is the third in the upset bid process, which got underway almost two months ago.

The district updated the Moore County Board of Education on the offer and the upset bid process at the board’s Monday, January 4 virtual work session. An offer of $120,000 for the property was accepted by the school board November 9. The acceptance started a period for upset offers.

To top the latest offer, a bid of $210,050 or more must be made by January 20.

Earlier in the process, upset bids of $127,000 and $150,000 were received. Consisting of more than seven acres, the property is on Keyser Street in Aberdeen. There are seven buildings – built between 1957 and 1995 – at the location of the former school.

Offers can be made until no upset bids are made during a posted time. Once the bidding closes, district staff will present the results to the board for its consideration.

Later in Monday’s session, the district briefed the school board on construction of the new Pinehurst Elementary and Southern Pines Elementary buildings. Several photos of progress at the sites have been shared.

To date, 82 percent of the construction timeline for Pinehurst Elementary has passed. The associated company, Thomas Construction, has been paid 75 percent of the total owed. No contingency or inflation funds left from award of the contract have been used.

The district’s underlying strategy for projects is to create safe, secure and well-maintained facilities that are optimal for learning.

Before getting into the agenda Monday, there was discussion among board members about having to hold meetings remotely. In the interest of addressing items on the agenda, Libby Carter, the school board’s chair, moved to have a decision on the matter deferred.

The board next meets – for a regular business session – Monday, January 11 at 5 p.m.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Dave Lukow.

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