Union Pines seniors honored Vass

Parent Kasi Caddell spearheaded a commemoration for the displaced 2020 Union Pines High School graduating seniors after their traditional ceremony is being replaced by the stuff for future history books. The COVID-19 pandemic restricted gatherings after an official lockdown across America to save lives, and a sample of five youths from Moore County had some insight to share.

“I believe we are blessed to have someone to put this all together for us,” Maranda Markham said of the town park’s chain-link fence adorned with round one of 38 banners featuring the graduates’ smiling faces.

Markham plans to attend the two-year university transfer program at Sandhills Community College.

Rory Board plans to attend UNC Charlotte and study engineering. He has an ROTC scholarship, and his father is career Army.

“If you look at the positive side, we get three extra months of summer vacation,” Board, the Vikings quarterback said.

Bailee Paxton also has an Army career father and is attending Sandhills Community College for the two-year university transfer program.

“We should remember this forever because it’s so unusual,” Paxton said.

Amy Madison Caddell just bought a new Honda Accord, and her mother said “she worked hard for it” at her job at Crossroads Coffee in Vass.

Caddell plans to attend Sandhills Community College for a business degree and open a country-style restaurant in Vass.

Dinky Arias is attending Sandhills Community College for a degree in Auto Body.

Union Pines High School will be having a graduation ceremony later with ten graduates at a time along with a virtual ceremony. 

Article and photos by Sandhills Sentinel Journalism Intern Stephanie M. Sellers.

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