Aberdeen Police investigating incident at Walmart

Aberdeen Police are investigating an incident that occurred at Walmart Thursday involving a local family and their child.

A video posted on social media by the family described what could have possibly turned out to be an attempted abduction of the child by a group of men in the store.

In the video, the mother and her sister share that they were shopping with their 9-year-old son/nephew Thursday morning.

After a while, they notice a man taking pictures of the child. As they confronted him, they realized there were possibly four to six men that followed them through the store, watching the boy and taking more pictures of him.

The family reported the activity to a cashier, who quickly alerted security. In the video, the family reported security arrived and immediately began searching for the men. Aberdeen Police were also called and responded to the scene.

The video went on to say that later a group of family members arrived and safely escorted the child and women safely out of the store.

Sandhills Sentinel spoke to Aberdeen Police Chief Carl Colasacco about the incident.

He said there was no abduction at Walmart, but his department is investigating the situation.

“We take the safety of our citizens very seriously. We are working around the clock reviewing security footage and gathering information about what occurred at Aberdeen Walmart.”

The child’s Aunt told Sandhills Sentinel in a phone interview that it was a scary situation from them, and Walmart security and the Aberdeen Police immediately handled the incident quickly and professionally.

Facebook took down the video Thursday evening.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Sandhills_Sentinel~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Publisher B.J. Goodridge.

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