County administer COVID relief funds

Moore County expects to receive $1,891,351 in coronavirus relief funds which were appropriated in Session Law 2020-4.  These relief funds may be used for a variety of activities, expenses, and/or efforts necessary as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. 

As a requirement for receiving and distributing the relief funds, the county has submitted an application to the North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management’s Pandemic Recovery Office.  The county must also develop and submit a County Plan for the anticipated use of the relief funds. 

The county is allowed to share these relief funds with municipalities, and county officials plan to include this option in the County Plan which will be submitted to the Pandemic Recovery Office by June 1, 2020. 

Within the next week, county staff will reach out to local town managers and administrators for feedback as to their ideas regarding potential uses and amounts needed in their respective towns.  The county will also take suggestions from other agencies such as the Moore County Chamber of Commerce and Moore County Partners in Progress. 

Relief funds may be used for COVID-19 related allowable expenses which include medical expenses, public health expenses, payroll expenses, compliance measure expenses, and expenses associated with economic support.

Along with completing and submitting the County Plan, county staff is also working to put into place agreements and provisions that ensure the funds are administered as required.  The county is ultimately responsible for making sure the relief funds are used correctly.

Although $1,891,351 is a lot of money, the needs generated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis are widespread, run deep, and far exceed what these funds will address.  The county’s objective is to distribute the relief funds in a manner that provides the greatest positive impact to the areas of greatest need.



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