Jacky the K-9 for Southern Pines Police Department was sworn into duty by Mayor David McNeill at the Town Council’s meeting on Tuesday, and both are now ready to patrol the streets. Jacky is a three year old Labrador Retriever who is partnered with Master Police Officer, Michael Glover.  Both Jacky and Glover are certified by the North American Police Work Dog Association.  Jacky is replacing K-9 Elvis who recently retired.

Police Chief, Bob Temme, stated, “we are pleased to have K-9 Jacky as part of the Southern Pines Police Department’s K-9 Unit.  Our citizens will be well served with full complement of four highly skilled and trained canines on the force.”

K-9 Jacky affirmed to the following:

1. He will serve and protect the citizens of Southern Pines by finding fugitives, weapons, drugs, and lost children and adults.

2. He will be an ambassador of our police department, fighting crime and providing comfort.

3. He will be the incredible eyes, ears, and nose of those whose senses are less profound.

4. He will faithfully execute his duties as a law enforcement K-9 to the best of his skill and abilities.

5. He will gladly lay down his life protecting others, expecting nothing but care and love in return.


Congratulations, Jacky and Police Officer Michael Glover.  Thank you for your service.


*contributed photo Southern Pines Police Department

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