Several Moore County Deputies recently received promotions and awards within the Sheriff’s Department.

Intermediate & Advanced Certificates:

Alvin McCallister (Intermediate Certification)

Alvin retired from the Army in 2011 and began his Law Enforcement career with Chatham County Sheriff’s Office in 2012. He joined his Moore County Sheriff’s Office family in December 2014. Alvin was promoted to Sergeant over A Team on 8/20/16 and recently promoted to Detective Sergeant on August 22, 2017.


Jonathan McKenzie & Chris McNeill (National Animal Care and Control Certification)
Officer McKenzie and Officer McNeill have completed NACA (National Animal Care and Control) certification. The NACA Academy is an 80-hour course and sets the standard of professionalism in the field of Animal Care and Control.

McKenzie & McNeill



Justin Carter
Justin began his career in Law Enforcement with Aberdeen Police Department in 2007. Justin also worked with Southern Pines Police Department. He handled two multipurpose K-9’s (who both are now retired and reside with him.) Justin enjoys hiking and kayaking and is a certified armorer.


Kimberly Edwards
Kim began her career in Law Enforcement as a Telecommunicator with Lee County Sheriff’s Office in January 2003. She also worked with Southern Pines Police Department before joining her Moore County Sheriff’s Office family on January 20, 2007. Kim was sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff with MCSO on September 3, 2013.


Kyle Whitney
Kyle began his career in Law Enforcement with the Carthage Police Department in September 2015. The department is happy that Kyle joined the Moore County Sheriff’s Office in September 2016.



Detective Sergeant Corey Adams
Corey came to the Moore County Sheriff’s Office in July of 2016 by way of Hamlet and Foxfire Police Departments and is currently a member of the National Guard. Corey is presently working on his associates’ degree in Criminal Justice. Corey was promoted to Detective Sergeant on August 5, 2017.


Detective Sergeant James Cagle
James Cagle began his career in Law Enforcement with the Moore County Detention Center on September 29, 2007. James was promoted to Corporal in September 2016 and to Detective Sergeant on August 5, 2017. James is also working on his associates’ degree in Criminal Justice.



Lieutenant/Detective Division: Brock Holder 
Detective Sergeant Brock Holder joined the Moore County Sheriff’s Office family on August 19, 2006, as a Patrol Officer always demonstrating dedication, skill, and professionalism. He has served in a myriad of disciplines, to include, the Selective Enforcement Unit and as a Detective Sergeant in Criminal Investigations. Brock is being promoted to Lieutenant over the Moore County Sheriff’s Office Detective Division.



Captain/Detective Division: Joshua Craven
Lieutenant Josh Craven began his career in Law Enforcement with the Pinehurst Police Department. In 2006, he joined the Moore County Sheriff’s Office family. In 2007, Josh was promoted to Corporal. In 2012, Josh and the Moore County Criminal Investigations Unit were awarded the James W. Wise Officer of the Year award by the Moore County Law Enforcement Officers Association. In 2014, Josh graduated from the North Carolina Justice Academy’s Criminal Investigator’s Program. Josh is being promoted to the rank of Captain with the Moore County Sheriff’s Office Detective Division.


Quarterly Award Winners

Administrative Assistant – Kristen Goins
Kristen is constantly going above and beyond her call of duty to assist deputies and detectives in locating key information for their cases. She tracks down valid address for anyone the Sheriff’s Office receives a tip on that may have overdosed and possibly needs medical attention. This includes pulling up information from multiple resources that dispatchers have access to, as well as checking with 911 to follow up with their call history.

It is these examples that make her supervisor, appreciate her that much more and thankful that she is on the team. Kristen always puts her family first, but her work at the Sheriff’s Office is never far behind. It is evident every day when Kristen comes to work how much she values what she does here and it shines through in her performance. It is for these reasons and many more, why Kristen Goins is the Administrative Assistant of the Quarter.


Detention Officer – John Osmar 
Officer Osmar received his training and education from the University of Akron and began his law enforcement career with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office In 1994. Officer Osmar moved to North Carolina in 2007 and began working for the Moore County Detention Center in 2012. He was drawn to this career field for its everyday challenges and to be a role model for his son. In his free time, he enjoys yard work, woodworking and spending time with his family.

Officer Osmar obtained his Field Training Officer certification from the North Carolina Justice Academy in 2016 and since then has successfully trained 11 officers. Officer Osmar’s motivation and dedication for training has made him stand out and his determination to succeed has led him to excel and set the example for all Detention Officers. His fellow officers describe him as being assertive, courageous, dependable and the first one on scene to assist when needed. Overall, Officer Osmar is an outstanding detention officer and C-Team is honored to have the opportunity to recommend him for Officer of the Quarter. He is an asset to this facility and an officer of high caliber and sets the example for his fellow officers as a role model to emulate. It is for these reasons and many more, why Detention Officer Osmar is the Detention Officer of the Quarter.


Patrol Deputy – Chris McNeill 
Deputy Chris McNeill is assigned to the Animal Services Division and during this quarter he has had a tremendous impact: he responded to 226 animal service calls, made 185 public services phone calls, investigated 25 Rabies suspect incidents, filed 28 incident reports, answered three disabled motorist calls, conducted two traffic stops, responded to three breaking and entering calls, conducted one residence check, made one arrest, conducted four citizen assists, set 14 traps, conducted three welfare checks, answered a disturbance call and a traffic control call.

Deputy McNeill brings 16 years of law enforcement experience to Animal Services, of which eight of those years are in the investigative field. Deputy McNeill’s knowledge and experience is an extraordinary asset to the Animal Services Division. Deputy McNeill’s knowledge and experience facilitates other Animal Services Division Deputies to become more professional and thorough during their investigations and incident report writing. Deputy McNeill is a certified Rabies Vaccinator and has completed the final phase of the National Animal Control Association Certification.

Deputy McNeill exemplifies dedication; knowledge and is an all-around great person. It is for these reasons and many more, why Deputy Chris McNeill is the Patrol Deputy of the Quarter.


Detective – Lieutenant Brock Holder 
Detective Sergeant Holder is a member of the Criminal Investigation Division. Since becoming a member of the division in 2013 Detective Holder has excelled on all levels always going above and beyond his associated responsibilities and always exceeding the Criminal Investigations Division Leadership expectations. 

In 2016, Detective Holder led the Sheriff’s Office with a total of 78 felony arrests. In 2017 Detective Holder continues to lead the Sheriff’s Office in felony arrests with 78 and still has three months remaining in the year. These arrest numbers directly reflect his ability to solve cases and bring closure and justice for the victims. The quality that Detective Holder really stands out and makes his biggest impact is his willingness to help others outside his responsibilities at the Sheriff’s Office. 

In the middle of July 2017, a series of breaking and entering cases were reported in the Cameron and Vass areas of Moore County. The total would reach seven by the middle of August 2017 including two larcenies. These crimes targeted power tools, all-terrain vehicles, and recreational equipment.

Through his investigation, Detective Holder identified three suspects and tied them to various other crimes in other counties. He didn’t just call the other counties and forward the information, he requested to help them with their cases. Both Harnett and Chatham agreed to work with Detective Holder and continue the investigation.

The number of breaking and entering cases that were solved totaled 23 in all three counties. This brought the total number of arrest to 52; the felony charges against the suspects to 152, misdemeanor charges to 36 and over $9,000.00 in stolen property recovered. 

Harnett County also had a double-homicide around that same time period. Detective Holder was aware of the case and while working with one of the breaking and entering suspects determined he had information about the homicide case. Detective Holder was able to get a video recorded statement from the suspect that helped Harnett County Detectives identify and arrest the suspect responsible for murdering both victims. 

Detective Holder was also instrumental in solving two shooting cases in Moore County that seriously injured two victims in the months of August and September of this year. He also helped Vass Police Department solve multiple larceny crimes out of the Tractor Farm supply store. Detective Holder was able to assist the Chief of the Vass Police Department in identifying the three suspects responsible for the crime and recovered stolen property valued at $1,149.98. 

In addition to his case-load, Detective Holder works closely with the schools discussing law enforcement with the children and assists Moore County communities with programs such as Community Watch. 

Detective Brock Holder is a credit not only to this Sheriff’s Office but to all law enforcement officers. He exemplifies the qualities law enforcement offices should have and does so on a  daily basis. It is for these reasons and many more, why Lieutenant Brock Holder is the Detective of the Quarter.


Feature photo: Sheriff Godfrey giving a speech during ceremony

*All photos courtesy of Moore County Sheriff’s Office



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