Moore Teacher Write-Ups: Erica Hammond

Moore Teacher Write-Ups is a series on local educators highlighting the women and men who are raising our next generation, and to whom we entrust our children every day. 

Erica Hammond has always loved children and has always been passionate about them. Her mom worked as a teacher’s assistant for many years, so it was only natural that she would become a teacher.

Hammond teaches third grade at West End Elementary School and is known as Schmom (school mom).

She is a product of Moore County schools and had some hurdles to overcome growing up, including challenges with reading. Hammond credits two of her teachers, Betty Elliot and Barbara Bailey, for helping her overcome that. “I had amazing teachers, and that grew my passion,” said Hammond.

Growing up, she worked for Hallmark and then as a nanny. “I love things that make people happy,” said Hammond referring to her time at Hallmark.

Hammond works hard to build trust with her students. “When they love you and trust you, the academics come,” she said.

“I love my kid’s personality; they just shine,” she added. “And no two are alike.”

This past school year was challenging. She had COVID-19, and some of her students had COVID. She considers her students extraordinary. “We lost time, but they hung in there; they are amazing,” said Hammond.

One of her other loves is theatre. “It works well within the classroom and can make books come alive,” said Hammond.

Hammond describes herself as “always cheerful” and said she loves making a difference in the lives of her students. When reflecting on her 13 years of teaching, she said, “I am a positive influence.”

Summer is not a complete break for the teacher. Books figure in her plans for the summer. She will use the time to prepare for next year. She will also take some time with books not related to school. And, of course, embrace her own kids.

She has been married to her “amazing husband Chad” and has three children, 8, 6, and 4. “They are my everything,” said Hammond.

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Feature photo: West End Elementary School teacher Erica Hammond.

Sandhills_Sentinel~Article and photo by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Chris Prentice. 

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