The Town of Aberdeen recently added brick strips across Poplar Street in the downtown area.

The newly added crosswalks are part of the revitalization project of Downtown Aberdeen.  Last summer, the town announced in their bi-monthly newsletter, The Bon Accord, that they were going to be making substantial improvements to the downtown area and their parks facilities. The town budgeted $259,000 for improvements to downtown and $239,000 to its parks.

Last year, the Town of Aberdeen invited the public’s input on what kind of things the community thought was attractive to make the downtown area a stop and shop destination instead of a drive by location.  The public was able to voice their opinions on what type of crosswalks they wanted to see in Aberdeen.

Crosswalk pictures courtesy of the Town of Aberdeen

The new crosswalks at intersections along Poplar Street will provide a safer way to cross the street, and wheelchair access points and curbs for the visually impaired have been installed.  In a written statement, the Town of Aberdeen stated, “If you travel Poplar Street, make sure to slow down for pedestrians crossing on the crosswalks.”

Aberdeen parks have received a face-lift this past winter as part of the town’s revitalization project as well.  Aberdeen Lake, Sharpe, and Berkley Parks are all sporting new equipment.


New climber & Tilted Sky Runner at Berkley Park

Four swings have been added to Aberdeen Lake Park, and two of those swings are specifically designed for children with disabilities and are ADA approved. 

Sharpe Park, located on W. Maple Avenue, has been completely renovated.  It now has the latest play equipment with the newest piece adding a variety of challenges consisting of climbing walls and ladders, a balance beam, and a ring bridge which replaces the old wooden play structure.

Berkley Park, on Keyser Street, just past Aberdeen Primary School, was also on the face lift project.  The park received two new pieces of playground equipment.  A new climber and a Red Tilted Sky Runner has been added for the neighborhood children.  The idea behind the sky runner is to reach up and grab on to be spun around while hanging on.


Aberdeen Lake Walking Trail

In addition to the new playground equipment, The Aberdeen Lake Walking Trail was updated as well. The project started in February, and the trail has been cleared from underbrush and trip hazards have been removed also. Issues such as drainage and erosion have been resolved. Rocks have been added to the walking trail and the edges of the trail have been cleared.


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