Obituary Kimberly Oldham Putman Carthage

Beloved by All, Kimberly Oldham Putman

She loved people, and everyone loved Kimberly Oldham Putnam, age 50, of Carthage, who passed away unexpectedly at her home on Thursday, January 21, 2021. Known to all as Kim, she was a local girl born and raised in Carthage. Choosing to raise her own family in Carthage, Kim loved her family most of all. Soon to have celebrated twenty-five years of marriage this March, Kim and Carlos enjoyed a life of ministry, adventure, and family as their greatest accomplishment in all of the world is their dear daughter Emily. Carlos and Emily were Kim’s entire life, in addition to all of the family and friends who shared the incredible journey together. Happy, cheerful, and smiling all the time, Kim was like a beautiful butterfly delighting from one loved one to the next and flying away all too soon.

Born in Moore County on April 20, 1970, to Franklin “Buddy” and Marie (Luther) Oldham, Kim enjoyed her childhood days in her little hometown of Sweet Carthage. Preceded in death by her twin infant brothers Dwight and Duwayne, soon two girls joined the family. Sharing life with her older sister Charla, Kim attended Carthage Elementary, graduated from Union Pines High School and earned her cosmetology license at Sandhills Community College. Staying connected with her family was important as Kim and her mom Marie spoke every day together.

Kim’s love story began around ministry as Carlos was in town speaking at a church youth event, while Kim attended with Edith Luther, her beloved Grandma, who arrived by horse and buggy to settle in Moore County. Funny story is that Kim’s dad “Buddy” was from the town of Putnam while Kim just so happens to meet the love of her life named Carlos Putnam from Hope Hull, Alabama. 

When Carlos needed a haircut before performing a wedding, Kim was the lady for the job. After Kim cut his hair, she told Carlos, “I can’t accept any money because I’m not at my shop.” 

Carlos looked at her and said, “Who said anything about paying you?” 

Kim replied, “Oh, never mind.” 

Carlos laughed, “I’m just kidding. I’ll either pay you, or I’ll take you out to dinner.” 

He took her out to dinner, and the rest is history. Carlos and Kim met in September, got engaged in January, and married in March. After spending their first year together in Georgia, Kim and Carlos moved back to Carthage to be near family, built a home together and welcomed the love of their lives, their daughter Emily Grace Putnam. Grace. Amazing Grace how sweet the sound.

When it came time for Emily to attend school, homeschooling became the best option for the Putman family. A hands-on-mom from day one, Kim poured her life into Emily as they enjoyed learning together all the way through Emily’s enrollment into SCC. Most of all, they treasured the freedom to travel with Carlos on his many business trips. In sales management with a degree in Poultry Science, Carlos’ job took him all over the world and allowed him the best travel partners in all of the world. From Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Maui; Park City, UT; Winter Park, CO; and California, the family crisscrossed America together. While Carlos attended meetings, Kim and Emily would explore all the little shops and everything along the way. No matter the destination being together was the greatest gift of all. 

Emily remembers going to Florida and falling in love with Epcot. She tells, “We didn’t even make it to the other parks. We walked around and went to every country, and we loved France most of all. It was super fun!” 

One of the greatest memories includes returning to the Cayman Islands, where Carlos and Kim were married. “My grandpa refuses to get on a plane, but he got on a plane that one time and went to the Cayman Island with us,” shares Emily. “We stayed in the exact same condo where Mom and Dad spent their honeymoon. We visited Sting Ray City where you have to shuffle your feet due to all of the sting rays swimming around and ate burgers from the lunch shack on the beach. Mom took me to get corn rows in my hair. I only wanted two rows in my head, but they did the whole front half of my head!” How the happy memories bring a smile!

In traveling the ups and downs of life, Carlos and Kim walked hand in hand together and stuck with each other no matter what. With similar cares and a united love, they enjoyed traveling abroad as well as biking and walking the local trails. Together with Emily always by their side, they went camping and rode 4-wheelers. Kim loved to run and crossed the line of a marathon! “She came across that finish line with her leg wrapped with ice and bandages, but she ran it!” exclaims Emily.

With all roads leading back to home, the Putnams opened their home to family and friends. In hosting a home church, the family loved on and ministered to all who came. Developing many lifelong friends, Kim became a safe place for everyone. Anybody could tell her anything. “She just wanted to help everyone,” tells Emily. 

Known for writing, “Jesus loves you!” everywhere, Kim signed everything with a sunshine and a smile. Always loving the Christian fish symbol, smiling faces with a sunshine, and hearts, Kim could find love everywhere, and she shared this love with all of her family and friends. Kim loved her people, and that’s what she was all about. 

“Seeing the world through rose colored glasses, Kim lived a beautiful life and her life mattered,” shares Carlos. Happy all the time, Kim loved God and others and lived her best life possible. With her life race now won, Kim lives on through memories as warm as a beautiful day full of sunshine when the butterflies play amongst the flowers facing heaven with hearts full of love.

We love you, Kim, always and forever.

Graveside services will be 1:00 PM Sunday at Cross Hill Cemetery.

Those wishing to stop by the funeral home and sign the register may do so on Saturday between 2:00 – 5:00 PM.

Services entrusted to Fry & Prickett Funeral Home.

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