In only its third year, the Pinecrest Athletics Club ‘Back the PAC’ auction has raised $140,000, a nearly 36 percent increase over last year, and over four times more than its inaugural year. The event is quickly becoming one of the largest fundraisers in Moore County.

“We had over 500 guests, 275 silent and live auction items and 38 sponsors at the auction,” explained Christa Gilder, three-time auction co-chair, “This has become a true community event. People are able to socialize and come together as one Pinecrest family in support of athletics.”


This year’s auction funds will be used to create a women’s locker room in the stadium field house. Currently, female athletes change in the restroom, and they do not have lockers for storing their clothing and personal items.

Money raised will also be used to fund the annual scholarships offered by the PAC, and to support annual athletic department operations.

The Pinecrest Athletics Department is dependent on donations to fully fund the department. The annual expenses to support 23 teams with 1058 student athletes, playing 597 games/tournaments is $223,400 (excluding staff salaries). Of which, $15,000 comes from Moore County Schools, and $155,000 comes from net gate receipts. That leaves the remaining $53,400 for the teams to raise on their own.


These expenses include field maintenance, bus driver expenses, mandatory equipment recertification, bus fuel and maintenance, referee pay, gate help, custodial support, insurance event booking fees, trainer supplies, and annual NCHSAA membership fees.

This does not include any unexpected repairs, preventive maintenance, much needed upgrades, or coach and team development. Team uniforms and equipment are paid for by the individual teams.

“These expenses represent the bare necessity it takes to operate the department,” added Gilder, “We will be using the funds remaining after building the women’s locker room, to help offset these costs.”

Ensuring that all Pinecrest athletes have outstanding athletic facilities is a key goal of the Pinecrest Athletics Club.


All photographs courtesy of Pinecrest High School Athletic Club.

“Our goal is to give all of our student athletes the opportunity to compete in a first-class athletic facility,” explained Jeff Hewitt, Pinecrest Athletic Director, “We used last year’s auction funds to create a college-level women’s weight room, renovate the main gymnasium and upgrade our practice and main playing fields. The creation of a women’s locker room this year will be another step towards delivering that first-class athletic experience.”

The PAC is already looking ahead to next year’s auction, and they are getting the Pinecrest team ready to begin the work for another successful event.

“We have already set a date for next year and will begin planning the Fourth Annual ‘Back the PAC’ Auction in the summer,” explained Lisa Hees, Auction Co-Chair,” We are so fortunate to have such full parent and teacher participation, with over 100 volunteers helping with auction items and sponsorship solicitation, auction planning, and set-up and tear-down.”

“So save the date for the Fourth Annual ‘Back the PAC ‘ Auction on March 21, 2020. It will be the 50th Anniversary of Pinecrest High School, so we expect a great celebration,” added Gilder.



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