Robbins announces new traffic safety initiative

As part of the Robbins Police Department’s ongoing traffic safety program, Chief Lawson Thomas announced a new traffic safety initiative that begins in the Town of Robbins on March 10.

The goal of this initiative is to make the roadways in the Town of Robbins safer by reducing speed-related incidents. This initiative will encompass the utilization of two new Evolis Radar speed signs, which are portable and will be placed in areas of the town wherein speeding vehicles are most likely to put both motorists and pedestrians at risk of injury.

The Evolis Radar speed signs record vehicles’ speed, and that data is electronically stored and capable of being remotely monitored by the Robbins Police Department. Additionally, the Evolis Radar speed signs will be monitored 24/7/365 by video surveillance in which officers can access remotely.

The radar signs did not incur any expenses for the Town of Robbins due to a grant Chief Thomas applied for and received in the previous fiscal year.

“We kindly ask for our community and visitors to do their part by abiding by the speed limits throughout town to keep everyone safe,” said Thomas in a news advisory. “Citizens are encouraged to contact the police department with any speed related concerns which can be kept confidential by calling our tip line at (910) 975-1629.”

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