Safety alert Robbins Police

Robbins Police have been alerted to unlicensed solicitors and advise citizens to not open their doors and to immediately call 911 if the described men knock.

Citizens reported two men driving a maroon 2008 Chrysler Town & Country van reportedly entering homes for the purpose of selling floor cleaning products. The Robbins Police Wednesday said that the men do not have a solicitor’s permit issued by the Town of Robbins and therefore cannot legally conduct these business-type activities.

The exact level of legitimacy of these two men is unknown. It is unknown if the men’s activity is a pretense to scam or commit other crimes. Therefore, the Robbins Police department advised being safe by being alert, not answering the door and calling 911.

Feature photo: A picture of the business card being handed out courtesy of Robbins Police Department.

Article by Sandhills Sentinel Journalism Intern Stephanie M. Sellers.

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