Moore County wasn’t supposed to be impacted by the snowstorm that the state was preparing for, but Mother Nature had other plans for our county.

The snow started fastly falling shortly after 3:00 just as school was letting out for the day.

Parents had to come pick up their children as bus 56 became stranded in Pinehurst at Sugar Gum Lane and Lake Forest Drive when it began sliding as it was trying to make it up a hill.  The bus is reportedly still stranded today.


Photo contributed by Sandhills Sentinel reader, Heather Afable

Many motorists were stranded as well. Vehicles were stuck on the roads, and the drivers left their cars and started walking. Police have been marking all stranded vehicles with yellow tape on the driver side mirror.

Law Enforcement and Department of Transportation closed several roads last night.

Village of Pinehurst contributed photo

15-501 South of Aberdeen, East Indiana Avenue between Fort Bragg Road and Bridgewater Road, South Bennett Street between West Ilinois Avenue and West Wisconsin Avenue,  East Connecticut Avenue between North Valley Avenue and North Bethesda Road, East Connecticut Avenue and East Massachusetts Avenue intersection were all closed last night according to Southern Pines Police Department.

Pinehurst Police Department said Highway 211 closed last night from Rattlesnake Trail to Highway 5 and closed Highway 5 from Highway 211 to U.S. 1 in Aberdeen.

Pinehurst Hotel contributed photo

Sheriff Godfrey stated in a news release today that roads remain treacherous. They include Vass-Carthage Road between Vass and Carthage, Dicks Hill Road, Union Church Road, Highway 690, Cypress Church Road, Youngs Road, Lakebay Road, Highway 22 from Carthage headed South, Highway 15/501 South of Carthage, Highway 211 South from Seven Lakes, Highway 705 and 24/27, Spies Road; Robbins-area and most of Highway 73.

There was almost a 10-mile traffic jam in Southern Pines and Aberdeen on U.S. 1. due to the weather and road conditions.  Drivers spent hours stuck in their cars.


Ghost Town Southern Pines

Fire and EMS were delayed arriving at their calls due to the traffic jams.  It was reported a Moore County Deputy picked up a man possibly having a heart attack to meet an ambulance that was stuck in traffic.  The authorities did not release his condition.

Today, Southern Pines Police Chief, Bob Temme, asked the public to only call 911 or the department with accident and medical related issues rather than power and school opening questions.  

So far, the Duke Energy Power Map is showing only 11 homes without power in the Aberdeen area.  If you have lost power, please report it by calling 1-800-419-6356.

Last night’s snowfall of 5-6 inches was a nightmare for many adults, but today is a winter wonderland for the kids playing outside on their snow day.









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