The Village Council has released their October 23, 2018 meeting summary.

1. Under the Consent Agenda, Council approved:
⦁ Public safety reports
⦁ Approval of draft Village Council meeting minutes.
⦁ October 9, 2018 Regular Meeting

2. Council held a public hearing to consider a request by Moore County Schools for a Major Site Plan Review in order to construct a temporary school site for Pinehurst Elementary. This property is identified as Moore County PID# 00023476 and is located at Rassie Wicker Park. This project will consist of eight modular buildings located on approximately 3.5 acres of land at Rassie Wicker Park adjacent to Trinity Christian Fellowship Church and the Pinehurst Fire Department.

3. Council approved the Major Site Plan Review for the temporary Pinehurst Elementary School with the following conditions:
⦁ The traffic flow for ingress and egress to the site will be worked out between representatives of the Village and Moore County Schools and may not be what is presented with this application.
⦁ A Use Agreement must be negotiated between the Village of Pinehurst and Moore County Schools prior to the issuance of a Temporary Use Permit and Development Permit.

4. Council approved Resolution 18-27 adopting the Moore County Comprehensive Transportation Plan.

5. Staff presented Council with the financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2018.

6. Council approved Ordinance 18-23 accepting the roads in Spring Lake Hills Condominiums designated as Hiscott Lane and Spring Hill Loop, and the storm water diversion on Spring Hill Loop, as a public street and right-of-way of the Village of Pinehurst.

7. Council approved Resolution 18-28 designating the Village Manager and Financial Services Director to be authorized to serve as the Village agents for Federal and/or State disaster assistance.

8. Council approved the medical and dental insurance contracts for calendar year 2019 and authorized the Mayor or her designee to execute the contracts.

9. Council tabled awarding the contract for the construction of Cannon Park Community Center.


Photo courtesy of the Village of Pinehurst.

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