Officials have issued a voluntary recall for infant ibuprofen. Tris Pharma released a statement Wednesday confirming three lots of Infants’ Ibuprofen Concentrated Oral Suspension, USP (NSAID) have been found to have ‘potentially higher concentration of ibuprofen.’

The recalled pain reliever/fever reducer was sold at Walmart, CVS, and Family Dollar locations under store-brand names.

List of recalled infant ibuprofen.

“There is a remote possibility that infants, who may be more susceptible to a higher potency level of drug, and therefore may be more vulnerable to permanent NSAID-associated renal injury,” the statement said. “Adverse effects that may be experienced are nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, or more rarely, diarrhea. Tinnitus, headache and gastrointestinal bleeding are also possible adverse effects.”

“To date, Tris Pharma, Inc. has not received any reports of adverse events related to the lots of product that are the subject of this recall,” said the company.

Questions and concerns about the recall can be addressed by Tris Customer Service at 732-940-0358 or emailed to [email protected].

File photo: Walmart on Turner Street in Aberdeen/Sandhills Sentinel.


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