County accepting applications for Urgent Repair Program

Very low to low-income households in Moore County are encouraged to submit a Request for Assistance under the 2022 Urgent Repair Program to the Planning Department beginning Thursday, Sept. 1 through Friday, Sept. 30 by 4:30 p.m.

The program will help assist very low to low-income households with special needs in addressing housing conditions that pose imminent threats to life and/or safety or provide accessibility modifications and other repairs necessary to prevent displacement of homeowners with special needs. A maximum of $12,000 in repairs may be invested in any single home under this program.

Priority for assistance is rated and ranked by a number of factors including: handicapped or disabled household member, elderly household member (age 62 or older), single parent household with a dependent living at home, large family (five or more permanent residents), a household with a child below the age of 6 with lead hazards in the home, veteran, households receiving no prior housing rehab assistance from the county, income (as determined by percent of area median income).

Under North Carolina Housing Finance Agency Program Guidelines, a minimum of 50% of households assisted must have incomes which are less than 30% of the area median income for the household size, and no household with an income exceeding 50% of the area median income will be eligible. (URP22 income limits listed below).

                  2022 Income Limits for Moore County

Number in Household 30% of Median

(Very low income)

50% of Median

(Low income)

1 $18,000 $29,950
2 $20,550 $34,200
3 $23,100 $38,500
4 $25,650 $42,750
5 $27,750 $46,200
6 $29,800 $49,600
7 $31,850 $53,850
8 $33,900 $56,450

Eligible applicants must own and occupy their home or have life estate rights, be current on all property taxes with no outstanding past taxes owed, and the residence must be located within the county limits of Moore County (including those within town/city limits).

The house must have urgent repair needs that cannot be met through other state or federally funded housing assistance programs. Those previously served under the Urgent Repair Program likely will not receive additional funding as there is a lifetime cap on the total amount of assistance one home may receive under this program. Duplexes and triplexes and the like are not eligible for assistance with this program.

Proof of ownership and income will be required at time of submittal

The Urgent Repair Program is a $132,000 award to Moore County by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency. It is anticipated approximately 10 homes countywide over the next 18 months will be served under this program.

For more information or to receive a Request for Assistance, please contact the Moore County Planning Department at (910) 947-5010.


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