Local doctor appointed to national physician council addressing challenges for women in healthcare

Jennifer Szurgot, M.D., internal medicine physician at Pinehurst Medical Clinic, has been appointed to the agilon health Female Physician Leadership Council, an organization of women who are “breaking the glass ceiling” for female physicians nationwide. agilon health, a company that empowers physicians to transform community health, created the council to celebrate and honor women doctors across the U.S. —  while raising awareness about the specific challenges they face in the healthcare system.

One of the challenges female physicians may deal with is inequity.  Research shows that females in healthcare are usually paid less and underrepresented in leadership roles as compared to their male counterparts. A new report published in Health Affairs finds that there’s a 25% lifetime pay gap between male and female physicians in the U.S.  For a female physician, that adds up to a difference of slightly more than $2 million over a 40-year practice. Females also represent only three percent of healthcare CMOs, six percent of department chairs and nine percent of division chiefs according to the American Medical Association. 

Ironically, studies reported in peer-reviewed medical journals, such as Lancet and JAMA, reveal that female physicians deliver better patient outcomes, including lower readmission and mortality rates.

The council’s collective goal is to foster collaboration of women physicians and male physician allies across a broad network of more than 1,600 PCPs nationwide. Dr. Szurgot is joining forces with other healthcare leaders nationwide to address challenges currently impacting female physicians and explore opportunities for improvement.

“I’m excited to be appointed to this council, which is helping to blaze a new trail for women in healthcare positions nationwide,” says Dr. Szurgot. “It’s wonderful to be with a group of like-minded women each with a different perspective and unique approach to addressing the challenges we face today.”


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