A memorial cross placed at the scene of a fatal accident to honor the victim was vandalize Tuesday. The accident happened in March between a passenger car and a tractor trailer outside of Seven Lakes on Hwy 211 near McLendon Hills Drive.  The driver of the car, Micheal (Andy) Miller, 32, of Raeford, died on the scene.

Miller’s family is offering a cash reward for information leading to an arrest.

Andy Miller

Lindsey Wagoner, Miller’s sister, said, “The vandalism is so uncalled for.¬† Andy’s 12 year-old-son and his son’s mother are the ones who had to find it. It has destroyed his son all over again, and that is not fair to an innocent child who is already struggling with losing his father.”

Anyone with information of the vandalism can contact Lindsey Wagoner at 910-633-5787.




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