A new officer has joined the Southern Pines Police Department and is ready to sniff out crime.

K-9 Officer Titan replaced K-9 Officer Mary who retired after two years of barking and wagging her tail with the department.

Having a nose for the job, Titan is certified to ‘detect odors of various types of narcotics, tracking/trailing, article searches, and obedience,’ said Southern Pines Police Department Tuesday on their Facebook page.

Titan’s colleagues are teaching him the ropes in law enforcement. K-9 Officer Ivy just made a drug bust last weekend when she alerted Southern Pines Police to drugs in a suspect’s vehicle.

The department said when you see Titan and his handler, Officer Kevin Dean, out on the streets, ask for a trading card.

The 1-year-old Belgian Malinios was born in Greece and is ready to serve and protect.


Courtesy photo of Southern Pines Police Officer Kevin Dean and K-9 Officer Titan.

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