Severe storms roared through the area on Good Friday once again hammering Robbins.

A suspected tornado touched down at 3:30 p.m. causing destruction for the town while they are trying to recover from Hurricane Florence’s fury in September.

The tornado hit outside of Robbins near Brown Mill Road/Jasper Road knocking down power lines and trees.


Pictures courtesy of Town of Robbins.

Trees were also reported down on Plank and Cockman Roads and other locations, and flooding was reported on Plank and Middleton Street/North Moore Road. 

“No injuries from the storm, just a couple houses had some roof damage,” said Town Commissioner and Firefighter Kevin Stewart. “Most damage was standing timber and power lines.”

Randolph Electric said over 800 northern Moore County residents were without power during the storm.

“It’s been a tough year—but with each storm we get stronger,” said the Town of Robbins on their Facebook page. “Robbins can be trusted with a tragedy. Big thanks to Robbins Fire & Rescue Department, Robbins Police, Robbins Public Works Department, and Moore County Emergency Services.”


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