The Sandhills Self-Driving Farm Tour was recently held and featured more than a dozen farms across the area.

It is a free annual event that gives people a look at what goes on at the different farms, and what they all have to offer. One such farm on the tour was Flow Farm in Aberdeen.

Flow Farm is owned by Mark Epstein and his wife Jules Latham. Together, they have created an organic, veganic farm that is getting noticed across the state.

Organic farms use no pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs, but veganic also goes on to eliminate any type of animal byproducts.

For the tour, the farm had quite the turnout, and Flow Farm did not disappoint. From the beautiful crops and the flow of the farm, to the lectures on Biochar and care of the soil, the Flow Farm tour was a site to see. 

Enjoy the photos, and take time to watch Mark Epstein as he tells you a bit about the farm and Biochar.

For more information on Flow Farm and to sign up for their newsletter, please click here.


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