Antisemitic signs removed from bridges in Vass, Cameron

Moore County Sheriff’s Department arrested 22 individuals during their Spring Drug Operations, said Sheriff Ronnie Fields in a Monday news release.

The drug operations covered Aberdeen, Carthage, Eagle Springs, Seagrove, Robbins, and Vass areas.

The investigations took place during a three month span covering April, May, and June. The arrests were the result of undercover drug operations, traffic stops, and drug complaints.

Fields said deputies seized 42 grams of cocaine, 20.2 grams of marijuana, 24.4 grams of heroin/carfentanil, 247.1 grams of methamphetamine, 5.1 grams of crack cocaine, three dosage units of subutex, five dosage units of oxycodone, four dosage units of oxymorphone, one dosage unit of clonazepam, one dosage unit of alprazolam, one dosage unit of amphetamine, items of drug paraphernalia and $1,935 in cash.

The total street value of the seized drugs is approximately $33,752, according to the news release.

The following individuals were arrested as a result of the drug operation and are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Antonio Lee Tanner, 40, from Eagle Springs.

Casey Colon Tanner, 42, from Eagle Springs.

Jamel Rasha Tanner, 29, from Eagle Springs.

Christopher Ray Ring, 43, from Eagle Springs.

Ramaro Dashon Kennedy Jr, 19, from Eagle Springs.

Nicole Marie Sink, 31, from Eagle Springs.

Taheim Jaquan Brower, 25, from Eagle Springs.

Devine Devante Barrett, 26, from Eagle Springs.

William Joseph Moore, 29, from Candor.

Travis Lee Perhealth, 35, from Carthage.

Brandi Michelle Wells, 29, from Broadway.

Michael John Hawley, 50, from Lakeview.

Jessie Hampton English, 44, from Robbins.

Megan Ann McIntyre, 23, from Robbins.

Jeremy Ray Davidson, 24, Robbins.

Bridgett Baughman Hicks, 52, from Biscoe.

Dillon Coyote Lyston, 31, from Biscoe.

Dana Katherine Jackson, 30, from Biscoe.

Eric Lee Sturdivant, 34, from Star.

Denorey Levar Person, 41, from Cameron.

Loren Delmer Jones, 38, from Vass.

Ryan Montgomery Moore, 31, from Biscoe.

File photo ~ Sandhills Sentinel.

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